The Future of Retail is in Real Time


What Does the Future of Fashion Retail Look Like?

Retail stores are closing at an alarming rate.  Consumers no longer want to get in their cars to go shopping.  Today, it just takes a click of a button to have new clothes appear on their doorstep.  At first, consumers were nervous about buying clothes online.  What if the clothes didn’t fit?  What if the items arrived and they didn’t like them?  Apparel brands got smart and made it easy for customers to return items that they didn’t like, or that didn’t fit.  In the future, consumers will no longer go to stores to shop for clothes.  They will be inspired by the people around them in real life and be able to purchase what they are wearing. This is the future of fashion retail.

Fashion Inspiration: What’s Next?

Instagram has become synonymous with fashion inspiration.  But social networks like Pinterest and Instagram have thus far failed to make the leap from inspiration to purchase.  In fact, it can be quite frustrating for users to see things they like, but not be able to purchase.  While consumers continue to find inspiration on Instagram, they have been inspired by what they see in real life for far longer.  What would happen if the definition of an “influencer” changed from virtual to reality?  From online to real time?  This was the case far before Instagram ever existed.  People were inspired by what they saw their friends wearing, or what they saw others wearing at work, at dinner, or on the street.

What if you could simply purchase what you saw someone else wearing?  What if that person was compensated because they inspired you to make that purchase?  First of all, it would give everyone a reason to look their best.  The better you look, the more money you make.  Imagine being paid to wear your favorite clothes?  A small group of people today are able to do that on Instagram by spending a significant of time doing photo shoots.  But why shouldn’t everyone make money from inspiring others because they actually dress a certain way everyday, because it’s who they are?  This would certainly prevent Instagram from monopolizing the apparel industry.

How would a peer to peer fashion marketplace work?

It would require the connectivity of a variety of disparate systems.  It would also require the collaboration of several brands that today compete with each other.  But it needs to happen.  It would change the way we buy clothes forever.  It would provide incredible data for fashion brands and personalized advice for fashion lovers.  It would also give everyone a new way to make money, just for dressing nicely and inspiring others.  Here at Pretail, we are on a mission to make this happen.

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