Influence in real life

Pretailers will act as real life micro-retailers, inspiring everyone they come into contact with and creating an opportunity to generate revenue with every interaction. Consumers will be able to purchase the items they see Pretailers wearing directly from brands.

Photo to purchase

Our phones will serve as the gateway to finding items that others are wearing, or researching the wardrobes of those that inspire us.

Intelligent Re- commerce

If the item that a consumer wants is no longer available for purchase, Pretail will facilitate the purchase of the item second-hand.

True Influencers will be Rewarded

Consumers will get paid to wear their favorite brands, creating an incentive to shop and dress better. The real time retail market will be owned by all of the participating brands creating an open, transparent and fair marketplace.

The Future is Peer to Peer

Pretail is taking shopping “From Online to Real Time.”™ Consumers will draw inspiration from what they see their friends, co-workers, families, and complete strangers wearing during their daily lives. The people we interact with will become lead generators for apparel brands both online and in real life.