The Way We are
Inspired By Fashion

Has evolved with the proliferation of the internet and social media. The idea of drawing inspiration from mannequins in a physical retail store is a thing of the past. Fashion bloggers, influencers, and people we interact with in our everyday lives are the future of fashion inspiration.

And the way we shop for Clothes

Is rapidly shifting to online, causing retail stores to close more rapidly each year. The large physical footprint that once helped solidify the market share of the world’s leading brands is giving way to hundreds of new online entrants.

Is about to Change Forever

What happens in the next two years is critical to the future of apparel retail. Social networks have amassed huge global audiences and influencers that serve as brand ambassadors, but the future is peer to peer.

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Fashion Brand have Joined Forces

Because competing individually has left the door open for third parties to step in and potentially take full control of the retail market of the future. Providing a fully integrated streamlined user experience, enough data to incorporate Artificial Intelligence, and to take control of the future requires collaboration.

To build the Future Of Retail

Pretail is taking shopping from online to real time. Not only will Pretail close the gap that currently exists between online fashion inspiration and the transaction, it will allow users to purchase what they see around them in their everyday lives at dinner, at work, or at the gym.

It’s Intelligent

Machine learning requires billions of data points to produce any meaningful results.

It’s Personalized

Accurate personalization is the key to winning over consumers

It’s Sustainable

The market for second-hand apparel is growing thanks to the internet. Circular fashion is how fashion becomes sustainable.